International Conference of Interegated Intelectual Community

ICONIC is a biannual conference initiated among young and passionate academicians within the Indonesian Student Association in Germany, also called Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) Jerman. This conference is dedicated as a forum for exchanging ideas, and knowledge in achieving the goal of presenting comprehensive and complete solutions to the problems that are being faced by society.


"Enhancement of Triple Helix Collaboration to Accelerate Urban and Rural Sustainable Development"

     ICONIC 2022 is a place to encourage knowledge exchange among academicians or scientists, professionals, and policymakers. Explore deeper into topics that are sometimes eroded by the generalization of issues, the 4th ICONIC in 2022 this time tries to highlight the issue of development from an individual perspective of different social constructs sustainably, urban and rural. “Enhancement of Triple Helix Collaboration to Accelerate Urban and Rural Development” seems to be a great capture to raise the different characteristics of both sides.

     As a form of unity, urban and rural areas are the forerunner to the growth of civilization as we know it today. Because of that, this issue has become the attention of the world government in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) referring to the following points: (3) Good Health and Well-Being, (4) Quality Education, (7) Affordable and Clear Energy, (8) Decent Work and Economic Growth into consideration. 

     The attention of the Indonesian government is also shown in the form of government priorities. This is reflected in President Joko Widodo’s State of the Union speech in 2021 mandated that cross-sectoral and cross-institutional cooperation, including between the central government and regional administrations down to the village level, are also undergoing consolidation. 

     To support sustainable global development and Indonesian government programs, ICONIC 2022 dedicates its time to important topics including: 

1. Sustainable infrastructure development 

2. Economic, social, and welfare 

3. Precise and efficient technology 

     Therefore, through this international conference, it is hoped that exchange in information is ensured, which will add insight and maturity to scientific thinking for each participant. International conferences can also be a means of flourishing cooperation between academia from various fields. In ICONIC 2022, the participant has a chance to publish their manuscript in several ICONIC journal partners. Our journal partners have been indexed by national and international distinguished indexing institutions such as Scopus, Google Scholar, and SINTA. 

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